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    Since 2015 DVV International pilots different types of CLC in various regions of Uzbekistan. This film presents the work until 2017 and underlines the opportunities and benefits of these leaning centres for the development of rural area and the society

  • National Conference on Lifelong Learning in Uzbekistan 2017

  • Regional Youth Conference. Khorog, September 26-28, 2017

  • Central Asian Adult Education Forum dedicated to Community Learning Centres, Kyrgyzstan

DVV International News from Central Asia

17 января 2018 года в Центре культуры и досуга населения Каршинского района состоялся Круглого стола, посвященный официальному открытию пректа.

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DVV International в Узбекистане объявляет конкурс для журналистов, который будет проведён по одной из специальных номинаций, в рамках XIII Национальной премии в области журналистики "Олтин калам"...

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Public organization “Bureau on Human Rights and Rule of Law” has developed social reintegration booklets for ex-prisoners. The booklets include the information on free of charge assistance...

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December 2017

Happy New Year!

Dear Colleagues and Friends!
Here's hoping that all your dreams are filled with success and prosperity!
Our Best Whishes for a Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year!
Team of DVV-International...

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The international journal "Adult Education and Development" is a forum fpr adult educationists from all over the world. It is ppublished once a year in English, French and Spanish.

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